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Office Hours:   Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
* Office: 404.389.0555  * Cell: 770.885.3044  * Fax: 404.419.6404

We Offer a Full Continuum of Healthcare at Home.
Let's cross that bridge when we come to it
We Help Seniors Remain Self-Reliant and Live Independently
We Helps Keep Families Together

Jobeey Home Care FAQ's

Q. How are Jobeey caregivers selected?
A. First, Jobeey Home Care Services looks for people that have a passion to assist those in need of care. Then each potential caregiver must successfully complete a thorough personal and professional reference and criminal background check.

Q. How is Jobeey staff trained?
A. We are proud to say that Jobeey’s staff of nurses possess a combined 30 years of experience! Needless to say, our nursing staff is top-notch and “chock-full” of experience. As for the remainder of Jobeey’s staff, our caregivers participate in an exclusive care training program, which covers the most practical topics and situations encountered in providing excellent medical care.

Q. What makes Jobeey Home Care Services different from other homehealth companies?
A. In our mission to become the leader in providing top-notch home care to our clientele, we actively lobby to keep medical care affordable and available to all who require it. No other in-home, service or care company will work as hard to earn the deep level of trust among clients, their family members and friends as Jobeey Home Care Services. We Guarantee it!

Q. Who pays the caregiver, you or me?
A. Your personal caregiver is employed by his or her office, which means that the local office handles all the billing, payroll, taxes, insurance and administrative responsibilities for your provider.

Q. What are your rates and minimum hours of service?
A. Rates and service hours vary by case. Please contact us at (404) 389-0555 for specific rate information.